Spotify Singles

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Helping you find that person on your wavelength.

Spotify Singles is the new Spotify feature that turns the conventional dating app on it’s head.


In a world of photoshop, catfishing and filters, finding the right person has become more difficult. Dating apps today all have the same algorithm – looks first, personality second. This can prevent true connections being formed with those you meet online.


Music is a part of everybody’s lives, and is unique from one person to the next. It has the ability to start conversation, and activates a variety of memory regions in the brain; in fact the only other activity that activates so many networks at once is social interaction.


Spotify Singles is a new feature that turns the conventional dating app on it’s head; online dating today is so focused on looks that we decided to make it a little different.

After all, you can’t fake your music taste.

The Perfect Match

In the wordmark, the “i” in both words is personified – symbolising the two, once solo letters becoming a duet. The typeface used for the wordmark is a rounded Gotham Bold – the Spotify logo’s perfect match.

Accessing Singles

The Spotify Singles feature lives in the bottom right corner of the menu bar; by touching this button, you’ll be taken to the main page of Singles which will give you a brief tutorial.

The Swipe Mechanic

Similar to a blind date, the first thing you’ll see about them is a list of their favourite songs. The UI design is inspired by the motions that come with shopping for vinyl records.

Your Collection

Once you’ve matched with somebody, you can view them in the collections tab. Here you gain access to more information about your match; such as their age, location, social media and their listening habits. You can access your Singles Collection at any time by tapping the record sleeve.

OOH Advertising

The out-of-home campaigns will feature a variety of different love and break-up songs to show the two sides of the love story; attracting a multitude of lovers into taking a hold of their love life.