Rubies in the Rubble


Not all junk food is garbage.

Rubies in the Rubble is a company that makes jams and chutneys from unwanted fruit and vegetables, giving them a new lease of life and helping the planet in the process.

Good for the Planet

Rubies in the Rubble use an assortment of old jars that are donated by the public. Every jar is wrapped in recyclable and compostable labels – helping to fulfil their promise of sustainability.

Tone of Voice

The language aspires to be fun, casual with the use of lots of wordplay.

Good for You

Rubies in the Rubble takes the concept of jams and chutneys back to their original roots- as an easy means of getting nutrients and fruit into your diet. This purpose has been lost over the years as fruit and vegetables became more readily available to the public, and jams and chutneys therefore that are so heavily processed they have little to no nutritional value.

OOH Advertising

The out-of-home advertising uses hard-hitting facts to raise awareness of the issues surrounding food waste.