Face To Face

D&AD New Blood – Fossil x MSL

Inspired by American creativity and ingenuity.

Develop a PR-able idea that understands 18-24 year olds need to make time for what matters most to them. Interrogate what they want to make time for, provide a platform for Fossil to be the enablers of this, and in turn increase brand awareness amongst this group.

D&AD New Blood Award Winner – Graphite Pencil


18-24 year olds spend a lot of time on their phones. With the average young adult picking up their phone 84 times a day and spending up to 10 hours scrolling, it has become a detriment in social situations, affecting attention span and reducing the quality of their time with others.


More often than not, the innocent glances at their phone – like telling the time – lead them into a rabbit hole of social media, distracting them from what matters. Telling the time on a watch removes all of these distractions.


How do we get people talking about the value of time? By making it into a currency, of course.

Introducing Face to Face – a series of events that reward people for taking time away from their phone. The longer they spend time at one of these events, the bigger the reward.

Unplugging with Fossil

What would get them to wear a watch if they could just check their phone for the time?

Upon arrival to any of Fossil’s Face To Face events, you will be required to pop your mobile into one of the many wall lockers – inspired by Fossil’s iconic watch tins, which from the moment you lock, the counting begins.

Spending Time

Spend time literally and figuratively – Any time spent at an event can also be spent on the Fossil website for discount and even freebies. The more time at Face To Face events clocked up, the bigger the reward. The more expensive your favourite watch is – the more time required.

Tracking your Progress

You can track your progress in real time on Fossil’s website, including information such as the time you’ve spent at Fossil’s Face To Face events and the percentage discount you’ve earned on your perfect watch so far.

The Reward

Once you’ve spent your time on your watch, it will be delivered in a special edition Face To Face tin.