Check You Out

Self-initiated Project

Changing the perspective on cervical screening.

Check You Out is an at-home testing kit and awareness campaign that intends to make checking the health of the cervix faster, simpler and more accessible to more women.

Creative Conscience 2021 Shortlisted


Attendance to cervical screenings is at a 20 year record low. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under the age of 30, yet over a third of this demographic don’t attend their smear. Education is poor – girls leave school, turn 25 and receive the “dreaded letter” whilst never having been explained what the test is for.


A large proportion of women who don’t attend their smear are self conscious and anxious, are stretched for time or have been misinformed of what a smear test does and whether they need one.


A HPV home-testing kit that is delivered to your door, as well as an awareness campaign that intends to get more women in the know about below. The kit can be used as an alternative to having your in-clinic cervical screening appointment; making checking for HPV faster, simpler and more accessible to a wider variety of women.

No More Fannying Around

The brand voice intends to be taken seriously, with it’s friendly but fierce, no-nonsense attitude. The use of the brackets to symbolise the vulva makes it a playful, less intimidating way to approach the subject.

Checking Out

The kit can be ordered via the website and delivered on a date that suits. The website is also a source for information, such as educating on all things vagina-related, as well as details of the kit and it’s contents.

The results are recieved via a text message, avoiding the need for an app. The kit and its results are connected to the woman’s registered GP. This allows the results to be noted on their medical records, enabling the surgery to get in contact if further tests are necessary.

To reach the intended audience, the home for the Check You Out campaign will be on social media. It will become an active presence on their feed in the form of suggested advertisements, with posts informing and educating women on the facts of HPV and cervical cancer, as well as information about the kit.

Post, then post again.

Once the sample has been posted, Instagram stickers can be used to inform and spread awareness of the brand.